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By Anne Fagot-Largeault, Shahid Rahman, Juan Manuel Torres

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This quantity displays at the results of modern discoveries in genetics on a vast variety of clinical fields. as well as neuroscience, evolutionary biology, anthropology and medication, individuals research the consequences of genetics on theories of health and wellbeing, legislation, epistemology and philosophy of biology. Social and ethical issues concerning the dating among genetics, society and the person additionally determine prominently. Genetic discoveries gasoline important modern public coverage debates bearing on, for instance, human cloning, equitable entry to healthcare or the function of genetics in drugs. probably extra essentially, advances in genetics are changing our conception of human lifestyles and death.

An interview with François Jacob through Anne Fagot-Largeault opens the quantity. during this interview, Jacob, who shared a Nobel Prize with André Lwoff and Jacques Monod for his or her discoveries touching on genetic regulate of enzyme and virus synthesis, addresses a few of the imperative methodological epistemological and moral questions lined within the quantity. The dynamic interdisciplinary personality of this quantity makes it proper to students from many disciplines, from biology, philosophy and the social sciences.

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But if we grant that someone can know if she has a predisposition factor, for example, to diabetes or manic depressive disorders, does this ruin her life? Is this kind of knowledge unbearable for people, in personal terms, and independently of consequences such as insurance? It is clear, besides, that knowledge is sometimes an advantage: to know that one is predisposed to diabetes allows one to take precautions. In many cases, it is probably more of a hope than of a concrete reality. For instance, we hope that stem-cell research will be able to address a variety of pathologies.

Now, in the latter cases, knowledge – in the form of a genetic diagnosis – is positive and useful. I am quite opposed to the notion that women should be protected from knowing. I disagree on one point. It was true some years ago that patients did not always have access to proper information. But no longer now. For example, in the case of prenuptial exam, at a time when no treatment for syphilis was known, doctors who were aware of one engaged person Interview of François Jacob (FJ) by Anne Fagot-Largeault (AFL) xxxvii having syphilis were not allowed to reveal the diagnosis to the other person.

Pasteur’s strategy was to modify circumstances through vaccination. But he didn’t know what kind of modifications he was producing. He hadn’t had the idea of a cellular or molecular analysis. Cells were known in Pasteur’s time, people knew that individuals were composed of cells. But cellular properties themselves were not yet really studied, at least not in France. Did people at the Institut Pasteur become interested in the molecular effects of vaccinations at the same time as you were interested in these issues, independently?

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