Download e-book for iPad: The Zapatista Social Netwar in Mexico by David Ronfeldt, John Arquilla defense analyst and author of

By David Ronfeldt, John Arquilla defense analyst and author of Insurgents Raiders and Bandits, Graham E. Fuller, Melissa Fuller

ISBN-10: 0833026569

ISBN-13: 9780833026569

This learn examines the increase of this social netwar, the information-age behaviors that characterizes it (e.g., broad use of the internet), its results at the Mexican army, its implications for Mexico's balance, and its implications for destiny prevalence in different places on this planet.

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The infrastructure was sitting there, with more potential than ever, waiting to be reactivated. 29 The rise of Mexican human-rights and indigenous-rights 40 41 NGOs was briefly discussed above. In addition, pro-democracy NGOs and networks also began to take shape in this period. In their case too, the dynamics of transnational networking is evident. Â . International actors and forces are an integral part of this network, whose power and influence continues to evolve. External pressure has proven to be most effective when it intersects with domestic actors pushing for political change.

Previous page page_33 next page > 33 34 Page 33 and the spiritual and material worlds. Decisionmaking is essentially communal, and the key positions of power in a village belong to a larger council, under the notion that many people make better decisions than just one (see Maurer, 1995). [I]n general, the indigenas did not consider themselves to be sovereign individuals in a society but organic members of a community. They argued for hours and hours, entire nights, for months and months, before arriving at what they called the agreement.

21 Meanwhile, the indigenous-rights network was also expanding up and down the Americas (particularly in Canada). While "the indigenous nations of the Americas have a strong tradition of building communication and media networks to support their self-determination goals" since the 19th century (O'Donnell and Delgado, 1995), a surge in transnational networking gained momentum following the First Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples in 1990 in Ecuador, and after the formation of the Continental Coordinating Commission of Indigenous Nations and Organizations (CONIC) at a meeting in 1991 in Panama.

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