Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry. (MN-13): Notes by Phillip A. Griffiths, John Frank Adams PDF

By Phillip A. Griffiths, John Frank Adams

ISBN-10: 0691081514

ISBN-13: 9780691081519

This quantity deals a scientific therapy of definite easy elements of algebraic geometry, provided from the analytic and algebraic issues of view. The notes concentrate on comparability theorems among the algebraic, analytic, and non-stop categories.

Contents contain: 1.1 sheaf concept, ringed areas; 1.2 neighborhood constitution of analytic and algebraic units; 1.3 P
n 2.1 sheaves of modules; 2.2 vector bundles; 2.3 sheaf cohomology and computations on P
n; 3.1 greatest precept and Schwarz lemma on analytic areas; 3.2 Siegel's theorem; 3.3 Chow's theorem; 4.1 GAGA; 5.1 line bundles, divisors, and maps to P
n; 5.2 Grassmanians and vector bundles; 5.3 Chern sessions and curvature; 5.4 analytic cocycles; 6.1 K-theory and Bott periodicity; 6.2 K-theory as a generalized cohomology concept; 7.1 the Chern personality and obstruction thought; 7.2 the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral series; 7.3 K-theory on algebraic kinds; 8.1 Stein manifold thought; 8.2 holomorphic vector bundles on polydisks; 9.1 concluding comments; bibliography.

Originally released in 1974.

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Nu. luin uj J id II .. n u. n u. l J is nothing but a map of the appropriate type. k l = 11 lj.. n Uk' defining an element l J of H1(X, GL(n,O)). The same sort of analysis as we just went through with vector bundles shows that, H1(X, GL(n,O)) is equivalent to {isomorphism classes of locally free sheaves of rank n}. This is consistent with the previous association from vector bundles to locally free sheaves - so these notions are essentially equivalent. ' (G), etc. , then take the associated bundles.

X «:n (or i J -----' in the obvious way; the condition on triple overlaps allows us to do this consistently. We call the set of all such maps {11 Q .. } with respect to the. } of X according to which 1 both Y and Y' are defined and such that the map U. x CCn -> U. x a::n l l . (v)) 1 2 U. -> i a:n = Matnxn(O::). Note that the maps cp i must satisfy 36 II. 2. 4 (All maps will be required to be differentiable, continuous, holomorphic, or algebraic, according to context. ) Conversely, from a collection of maps {cp i} satisfying II ij

X THEOREM The map 44 II. 12 is an isomorphism. • , zn} An element f of I' (1Pn, 01Pn(m)hol) is a holomorphic function on a:n+l _{O} such that f(A. z) = A. mf(z) for all z. By Hartogs' theorem f is holomorphic in a:n+l. (This shows already that f=O unless m :;:: 0). f =. •. ,1n o n Represent f as a power series io in zo··· zn A. m O! • • 10" •. in series representations. m. by the uniqueness of power This shows that f is a homogeneous polynomial of degree 45 II. 3. l Chapter Two Sheaf cohomology and computations on IPn.

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Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry. (MN-13): Notes From a Course of Phillip Griffiths by Phillip A. Griffiths, John Frank Adams

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