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By Alexander Kharazishvili

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This booklet highlights numerous subject matters on degree conception and vividly demonstrates that the various questions of this conception are heavily hooked up with the vital degree extension challenge. numerous very important elements of the degree extension challenge are thought of individually: set-theoretical, topological and algebraic. additionally, quite a few mixtures (e.g., algebraic-topological) of those facets are mentioned by means of stressing their particular positive factors. a number of new equipment are provided for fixing the above pointed out challenge in concrete occasions. particularly, the subsequent new effects are acquired: the degree extension challenge is totally solved for invariant or quasi-invariant measures on solvable uncountable teams; non-separable extensions of invariant measures are built through the use of their ergodic parts; totally non-measurable additive functionals are built for convinced sessions of measures; the constitution of algebraic sums of degree 0 units is investigated. the fabric provided during this e-book is basically self-contained and is orientated in the direction of a large viewers of mathematicians (including postgraduate students). New effects and evidence given within the ebook are in response to (or heavily hooked up with) conventional subject matters of set concept, degree concept and common topology similar to: endless combinatorics, Martin's Axiom and the Continuum speculation, Luzin and Sierpinski units, common degree 0 units, theorems at the life of measurable selectors, regularity houses of Borel measures on metric areas, and so forth. crucial details on those issues is usually integrated within the textual content (primarily, within the kind of Appendixes or Exercises), which permits power readers to appreciate the proofs and persist with the structures in complete info. This not just permits the publication for use as a monograph but additionally as a process lectures for college kids whose pursuits lie in set concept, genuine research, degree concept and normal topology. the matter of Extending Partial capabilities a few features of the degree Extension challenge Invariant Measures Quasi-Invariant Measures Measurability homes of Real-Valued services a few houses of Step-Functions hooked up with Extensions of Measures nearly Measurable Real-Valued capabilities a number of evidence From common Topology Weakly Metrically Transitive Measures and Nonmeasurable units Nonmeasurable Subgroups of Uncountable Solvable teams Algebraic Sums of degree 0 units absolutely the Nonmeasurability of Minkowski's Sum of sure common degree 0 units totally Nonmeasurable Additive Sierpi ski-Zygmund services fairly Measurable Sierpi ski-Zygmund features A Nonseparable Extension of the Lebesgue degree with no New Null-Sets Metrical Transitivity and Nonseparable Extensions of Invariant Measures Nonseparable Left Invariant Measures on Uncountable Solvable teams Universally Measurable Additive Functionals a few Subsets of the Euclidean airplane regulations of Real-Valued services Appendices

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Starting with (b) and applying again the Marczewski method, we first make all the sets X j ( j ∈ J) to be measurable with respect to some extension μ of μ . Notice, by the way, that according to this method, μ (X j ) = 0 for all j ∈ J. Finally, we apply our previous argument to the countable disjoint family {Xi : i ∈ I \ J} and extend μ to a measure μ such that {Xi : i ∈ I \ J} ⊂ dom(μ ). It is clear now that ν = μ turns out to be the required extension of μ which ends the proof of the theorem.

A set B ⊂ E is a Bernstein set in E if both B and E \ B are totally imperfect subsets of E. By applying the method of transfinite induction, show that there exists a function f : R → R whose graph Gr( f ) is totally imperfect in the Euclidean plane R2 = R × R. In particular, deduce from this property of Gr( f ) that f is nonmeasurable with respect to the completion of any nonzero σ -finite diffused Borel measure μ on R. For this purpose, utilize Luzin’s classical criterion (the so-called C-property) of the measurability of real-valued functions with respect to the completion of μ .

Finally, let us observe that if the initial measure μ is G-invariant, then the extended measure ν can be chosen to be G-invariant, too. We will return to absolutely negligible sets in subsequent parts of the book. EXERCISES 1∗ . Let E be a set and let μ be a finite complete measure on E. Suppose that there exists a set X ⊂ E nonmeasurable with respect to μ . Show that there are continuumly many measures Some aspects of the measure extension problem 33 μ extending μ for which X becomes measurable and the values μ (X ) are distinct for different μ .

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