Changes to the Federal Governments Urban Aboriginal Strategy: What are the Options for the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge?

April 17, 2014 :: Linda Many Guns and Jacinda Weiss
Moderated by Gene Oleskin

The federal government announced it will consolidate four programs into two on Feb 6, 2013 and provide more support to the National Association of Friendship Centres (NAFC) for the delivery of programs. However, local organizations have no idea what those terms and conditions will be, leaving them no time to make the transition when their fiscal year ended on March 31.

The Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge (ACL) co-ordinates the activities of the Urban Aboriginal Strategy in Lethbridge and helps various organizations, including school districts and women’s and children’s organizations, access funding. The speakers will argue many programs are in limbo and that lack of funding is already affecting several community initiatives negatively. The ACL may not be able to continue in its present capacity.

Speakers: Linda Many Guns and Jacinda Weiss

Linda Many Guns received her Ph. D. from Trent University Faculty of Indigenous Sturdies in 2013. Previously, she had earned her MA at Carleton University and her BA at Saint Thomas University, New Brunswick as well as a Baccalaureate of Laws (LLB) in 1996 at Common Law University of Ottawa. Linda Many Guns has been teaching at the University of Lethbridge since 2008 in the Native American Studies Department. Her areas of expertise are: Indians & the Criminal Justice System, Native American Women, Family and Community Development, Aboriginal Law and Aboriginal Development in Canada.

Jacinda Weiss earned her BA in psychology at the University of Lethbridge in 2007. Since 2008, she has been the Executive Director of the Aboriginal Council of Lethbridge which includes the Aborignal Opportunities Employment Centre and the Aboriginal Diversity Support Program, targeting human rights, racism and discrimination. The goal of ACL is to bring the community together to support and address key issues affecting Aboriginal people

Moderator: TBA
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2014 Time: Noon - 1:30 PM Location: Country Kitchen Catering (Lower level of The Keg) 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr S
Cost: $11.00 (includes lunch)

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