Remote Sensing: What can it tell us about climate change?

April 30, 2015 :: Dr. Craig Coburn
Moderated by Tad Mitsui

Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing our civilization. All major national and international efforts towards monitoring fluctuations in long-term climate normals involve the use of remote sensing science to provide Earth observation data to measure key climate variables. These data are the basis for many of the decisions made by governments. The quality of these measurements is critical so that policy makers and other concerned stakeholders can rely on evidence-based scientific facts in support of efforts to manage our impacts on our planet’s climate system.

The purpose of this talk is to outline a variety of ways that remote sensing is meeting the data needs for global Earth observation. Recent years have seen an unprecedented expansion of new and novel Earth Observation efforts. The speaker will present the major developments and coordination of efforts with respect to measurement of changes in three spheres (the atmosphere, hydrosphere (especially ocean), and biosphere.

Speaker: Dr. Craig Coburn
Dr. Craig Coburn is an Associate Professor in the Geography Department at the University of Lethbridge with research interests in remote sensing. His research is focused on the physics of remote sensing, calibration and image understanding.

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2015 Time: Noon - 1:30 PM (30 minutes each for presentation, lunch and Q & A) Location: Country Kitchen Catering (Lower level of The Keg) 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr. S Cost: $11.00 (includes lunch) or $2.00 (includes coffee/tea at the presentation only)

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