Where is Home? – What is it Like not Knowing?

February 11, 2016 :: Dan Berdusco and Mark Brave Rock
Moderated by Martin Heavy Head

“Where is Home” is a documentary film focused on homelessness and the complex social issues facing the city of Lethbridge, Alberta and many other communities across Canada. The film presents unique perspectives from numerous individuals, including members of the homeless population, municipal government, law enforcement, service providers, doctors, mental health professionals, as well as members of the local business community and the general public.

Through these perspectives, the film presents a thoughtful, respectful look at history, the reality of the current situation, and hope for what can be done to make things better for everyone in the future. The speakers will show clips of the film and comment on real life situations facing the homeless people in Lethbridge

Speaker: Dan Berdusco and Mark Brave Rock

Dan Berdusco is a local entrepreneur and filmmaker, founder of LethbridgeLink.com Inc. and the SouthernAlberta.com Network.  As a creative professional for over 15 years, Dan has produced hundreds of websites, television commercials and web video productions, some of which have been recognized with local, regional and international awards.

Moderator: Martin Heavy Head

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2016
Time: Noon - 1:30 PM (30 minutes each for presentation, lunch and Q & A)
Location: Country Kitchen Catering (Lower level of The Keg) 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr. S
Cost: $11.00 (includes lunch) or $2.00 (includes coffee/tea)

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