Don’t Be a Victim: How Can We Detect and Avoid Fraud?

April 7, 2016 :: Constable Dan Shurtz
Moderated by Bev Muendel-Atherstone

How many times have you answered the phone only to hear a voice telling you that you have won something fabulous. You know it is a scam and you hang up. Fraudsters know that people are getting smarter, so they are becoming craftier and are fine tuning their methods to get our money.

Constable Dan Shurtz will alert us to a variety of scams aimed to separate us from our hard earned money: Some of the things he will cover in his talk are: Phishing, Overpayment scams, the CRA scam, the Grandparent scam, the Microsoft scam and Lottery schemes. He will also talk about what to do if you have been a victim of fraud.

Speaker: Constable Dan Shurtz

Dan Shurtz is a university graduate with a degree in Japanese and Economics from the University of Alberta and also spent a year of post-graduate work in linguistics at Northern Arizona University. He has worked as an English teacher, computer technician and interpreter.
Constable Shurtz began his law enforcement profession as a police officer in 2003 in Edmonton, where he spent five years before coming to Lethbridge in 2008. He has served in the following areas of law enforcement: patrols, drugs, surveillance and training. He is currently working as a Detective in the Economic Crimes Unit and as a sniper in the Tactical Unit of Lethbridge Police Service.

Moderator:   Bev Muendel-Atherstone

Date: Thursday, April 7, 2016
Time: Noon - 1:30 PM (30 minutes each for presentation, lunch and Q & A)
Location: Country Kitchen Catering (Lower level of The Keg) 1715 Mayor Magrath Dr. S
Cost: $11.00 (includes lunch) or $2.00 (includes coffee/tea)

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