Our Oldman Watershed: What does it mean to be Downstream?

November 23, 2016 :: Shannon Frank and Anna Garleff
Moderated by Knud Petersen

The Oldman Watershed Council is producing a film that will become a signature communication piece for southwest Alberta. The core message is "We are all downstream." It will not be a typical educational film. Rather, it will create a space for people to have an experience and draw their own conclusions through presentation of the story. The goal of the film is to communicate clearly where water comes from, where it goes and ultimately what happens in between. This is important in a watershed with great stakeholder diversity.

About 10-15 minutes in length, the film, when ready, will be shown to audiences throughout the watershed - and beyond - with the intent to educate, inspire and contribute to a stronger sense of community. It will portray southern Alberta's diversity and entrepreneurship via watershed use. Following the growth of the region from the mid-1700s through to 2060, it will use historical photos, interactive maps, and spectacular footage of the people, places and landscapes. Short video presentations related to the Oldman Watershed will be interactively discussed between speakers and the audience throughout this presentation.

Over the years, the OWC has had incredible support from its many volunteers and donors. The OWC mandate has much in common with the environmental stewardship goals of other groups and organizations that are working hard to promote progressive water management practices with the inherent awareness that: "Water is vital to life, the environment and the social and economic wellbeing of communities". The speakers will argue that a common understanding of the issues are essential and believe the film project will increase that common understanding exponentially.
Video of the talk can be found here: http://oldmanwatershed.ca/blog-posts/2016/11/29/rwb8q2plc7xty3gh8hkleyntegvepb?ct=t(RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN)&mc_cid=a43423f06a&mc_eid=620b1c9219

Speakers: Shannon Frank and Anna Garleff

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of the Oldman Watershed Council, Shannon Frank completed her Environmental Science degree at University of Lethbridge. She previously worked for MULTISAR (Multiple Species at Risk) as the Extension Coordinator where she learned a great deal, especially from ranchers who are often the true stewards of the land and water.

Anna Garleff is an OWC Senior Communications Specialist with Ph.D. in proficio, and over twenty years of international experience in the design and implementation of corporate organizational psychology. Many years ago, she worked as editor of a local newspaper and years later, she was researching, writing and delivering curriculum for universities and organizations across Europe.

Moderator: Knud Petersen

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2016
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Venue: Lethbridge Public Library Theatre Gallery, Main Branch, 810 – 5th Ave. South
Free admission, everyone welcome
Many thanks to Lethbridge Public Library, the Oldman Watershed Council and U of L for support.

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