COVID 19 Mitigation Measures at the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen

April 16, 2020 :: Bill Ginther
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The speaker will provide a brief overview of the humble beginnings of Lethbridge Soup Kitchen on Oct 1, 1984 and some of the highlights of its 35 year history. He will also acknowledge the connections and personal relationships that have been built with its vulnerable guests over the years and the incredible number of volunteers now counting nearly 850 people.

An amazing amount of generous donors, who supply about $60,000 worth of food each and every month, make it possible for Lethbridge Soup Kitchen to serve more than 6000 meals monthly including breakfast, lunch and supper. Numerous Individuals, churches, companies and service clubs have so far provided much of the financial resources necessary to meet expenses year by year.

Arguably, the way in which local media outlets have provided great coverage of the daily hot meals program is very helpful to all involved and will continue to be a key part of this essential service. The speaker will explain adjustments that have been made to mitigate the spread of Covid-19. He will also address the new and innovative meal programs that have been implemented in the midst of this dangerous pandemic.

Speaker: Bill Ginther

Bill Ginther is currently the Executive Director of the Lethbridge Soup Kitchen, a position he has held for almost 3 years, his third post-retirement job. He came to this role after having spent most of his career in International Relief and Development with a focus on food security, primarily in Eastern Africa.

Prior to choosing that career path, he completed undergraduate degrees in Sociology, Psychology & Theology from the Universities of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Bill’s REAL “Claim to fame” is that he has been married to his wife Joan for almost 50 years and is a Papa to 12 grandchildren. His deepest desire in life (other than his Christian faith) is to treat and encourage others to respect and enhance the lives of our homeless neighbours here in Lethbridge.

Date and time: Thursday, April 16, 2020 at 10 am

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