Thank you for Your Service: How well are we Recognizing and Supporting Canadian Armed Forces Veterans as they re-enter Society?

October 22, 2020 :: Brad Hagen and Wayne King
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As we approach the 75th Veterans Day ceremonies since World War II, we hopefully prepare ourselves to remember past and current Canadian Armed Forces veterans who have served both in Canada and in numerous conflicts around the world. While many civilians are familiar with the battles of World War I and II, they are typically less familiar with the other important and challenging missions the Canadian Military have served in, such as Korea, Rwanda, Bosnia, Namibia, Haiti, Cyprus, and Afghanistan, to name just a few.

While members of the Canadian Armed Forces receive excellent training and are proud of the work they have done, many of them encounter significant challenges when they are released and re-enter civilian society. The speakers will address these various challenges veterans face (financial, vocational, emotional, physical injuries, psychological, relationships, PTSD, etc.), the kinds of services and support that are available for veterans, and how we as civilians can best recognize and support the veterans in our communities.

Speaker: Brad Hagen and Wayne King

Brad Hagen is a Registered Psychologist with College of Alberta Psychologists since 2009 and has a Masters in Counselling (Counselling Psychology) along with a Ph.D. (Interdisciplinary); M.Sc. (Nursing); B.Sc. (Psychology). He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and conducting research at Universities in Western Canada, in the areas of mental health, nursing, addictions, and psychology. Currently a Professor Emeritus at the University of Lethbridge.

Wayne King joined the RCAF in 1959. After completing his education at the University of Alberta, he began training as a pilot. His first operational tour was in Air Defence Command flying the CF101 Voodoo aircraft at RCAF Station Bagotville in Quebec. Following that, he was trained on the CC130 Hercules aircraft and became engaged in worldwide logistical and tactical support. An exchange tour with the USAF followed on the CC141 Starlifter aircraft which involved worldwide strategic and tactical air support including Vietnam. Wayne eventually assumed command of 429 Squadron in Winnipeg. He was later promoted to Colonel and posted to National Defence College in Kingston, Ontario. He retired from the military in 1982.

Date and time: Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 10am MST

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