Multiple Marginalization’s, Masculinities, and Militias: How Aggrieved Masculinity is playing an Intersectional Role in the Politics of Division

November 12, 2020 :: Peter Kellett PhD RN
Moderated by SACPA administrator

A complex intersection of economic, political, environmental, and social conditions are fueling the rise of populism, political polarization, xenophobia, and racism in The United States, and other countries. Indeed many predicted the rise of divisive politics and decreased social cohesion as economic inequality soared, with globalization and neoliberal politics further contributing to the increasing precarity of employment and earnings among the working and middle classes of western countries.

While few have been spared these challenges, the face of these emerging angry populist movements, militias, and white supremacist movement’s remains overwhelmingly male, white, and working class. Applying the lens of masculinities theory, this talk will discuss how aggrieved white masculine entitlement, multiple marginalization’s influencing many men's ability to achieve the unrealistic expectations of hegemonic masculinities, and feelings of fear, hopelessness, and abandonment, are providing the fuel that has been ignited by the inflammatory rhetoric of populist leaders like Donald Trump.

Speaker: Peter Kellett PhD RN

Dr. Kellett is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge and a research affiliate of the Prentice Institute for Global Population & Economy. His research program focuses on the impact of social inequality, gender, and migration on the health of populations, with a particular focus on the role that masculinities and intersectional social inequalities play in men's mental health and well-being.

Date and time: Thursday, Nov 12, 2020 at 10am MST

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