Sustainable Farming: What role can Biogas Production Play in Reducing CO2 Emissions?

February 25, 2021 :: Chris Perry
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Biogas production is essentially an industrial stomach which converts organic waste into usable fuel. Biogas is 60% methane and is used to fuel powerful engines that drives generators producing 24/7 100% renewable electricity. This electricity can be used by the producer or sold into the Alberta Electricity Grid through AESO.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is arguably the green gas of tomorrow and is the most efficient means of converting organics into renewable energy. Once biogas is upgraded to RNG, it is interchangeable with Natural Gas and can be injected into local gas grids and used for generating electricity or vehicle fueling.

Biogas plants can process a wide array of organic waste materials from the food industry and agricultural residues including deadstock and manure. In the food industry business sector, anaerobic digestion offers significant cost advantages over traditional disposal methods, both to waste management companies and producers alike. The speaker will explain the lengthy regulatory process to build a biogas facility. As well, he will argue that while such projects are not particularly viable at the moment, biogas facilities can be an important piece of the puzzle to address climate change and increase the sustainability of farming.

Speaker: Chris Perry

Chris Perry is the co-founder and President of CKP Farms Ltd. and Grow the Energy Circle Ltd. (GrowTEC). He is a farm boy at heart with a passion for renewable energy. He would like to participate in expanding Alberta’s agriculture industry to its potential in the next decade or two. Chris manages a 4,000 irrigated acre farm together with brother Harold in southern Alberta. They grow potatoes for Frito Lay and McCain Foods Canada and green peas for Bonduelle. GrowTEC commissioned a 633 KW generating capacity anaerobic digester waste to energy facility in November 2014 and they produce triple their entire farms electricity use from organic waste.

Chris has the goal of incorporating the ICT technology of today more thoroughly into the agriculture sector. The ideas of yesterday around precision agriculture, integrated with the data analysis, management and storage cyber-infrastructure today have the ability to be game changer in yield per acre increases. Variable rate irrigation, full visual spectral sensors for real time moisture, nutrient and carbon management are available with more potential and affordability than ever before.

Date and time: Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 10 am MST

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