Blinded by the Light: A Closer Look at Light Pollution

March 10, 2005 :: Rena Woss, Jim Mawhinney
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This fascinating presentation -- praised for its jaw-dropping information, photographic slides and insights -- addresses a whole new kind of pollution.

Have you ever had the experience of a neighbor’s light coming into your window at night? Have you ever been nearly blinded by the glare of light in the distance while driving? If you answered yes, you’ve experienced light pollution.

Light pollution is the extra light that does not illuminate the intended object. It is serious and often unnecessary. This presentation will show you the scope of light pollution locally and world wide, the complexity of the problem and its negative impact on our capacity to appreciate and connect with the splendor of our skies at night.

Presented by two astronomers, including the past President of the Astronomy Society of Lethbridge, this presentation will bring awareness to an important topic and remind us of the joy and wonder that a sky, lit up with stars and planets, can inspire deep within us. It compels us to try to preserve this magnificence as best we can.


Rena Woss has been with the Lethbridge Astonomy Society for 17 years. She is a former past president, and member of the Board of Directors of the Southern Alberta Environmental Group. Her expertise in both astronomy and environmental issues, have come together for this presentation.

Jim Mawhinney is also a member of the Lethbridge Astronomy Society, The Lethbridge Fish and Game Club, and an Executive member of the Region 14 International Policy Association.

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