The Future of our Past: How will the transformation of the Galt Museum and Archives affect the future of heritage in Southern Alberta?

May 5, 2005 :: Ron Ulrich
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The Galt – previously known as the Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives – has been in the news recently as a major organizer of the highly-successful “Year of the Coal Miner”, as well as the innovative "Museum in the Mall" project, complemented by a new logo and a new sense of mission.

Now, construction cranes loom behind the old Hospital building, as the Galt undergoes a $8.9 million expansion which will transform its entire operation.

What''s happening at the Galt? What are the different facets of its current operation, and how are they affected by construction? What''s the construction time-line, and when will the new Galt re-open? What will it look like? Where''s the money coming from? What will the new Galt be able to do in future? How will the new Galt affect and relate to other heritage organizations in Southern Alberta?

Speakers: Ron Ulrich, Executive Director at the Galt since 2002, and Don Young, Honorary Campaign Chair for the Galt, will outline the progress of construction, how fund-raising is being undertaken, what the new facility will look like when it opens in May 2006, and new possibilities and challenges opened up by the expansion.

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