Globalization and Human Happiness: A World Economist Shares His Concerns

April 7, 2005 :: John Helliwell
Moderated by Terry Shillington

Dr. John Helliwell, an Oxford graduate and professor of economics at the University of British Columbia, openly admits: “Over the past 30 years I have come across evidence that has forced me to re-think my view of the world.” What is this evidence? Why should it concern us?

In a world that is obsessed with globalization… bigger, bigger, faster, faster… Dr. Helliwell steps into the picture exposing evidence that suggests globalization has hidden costs that are not being addressed by world economists. Not to mention, they are being outright ignored by corporations and countries whose focus is on the bottom line.

In fascinating and ground-breaking work, Dr. Helliwell attempts to quantify the impact that globalization has on our collective health and well being. He reveals obscured costs, and challenges us to address them.

Broad-minded and world-class, Dr. Helliwell just might cause us to re-think our world view too.

Speaker: JOHN HELLIWELL -- Born Vancouver, 1937; B.Comm, UBC, 1959; Rhodes Scholar, 1961-62; D.Phil, Oxford, 1966. Professor of Economics, UBC, 1967-2002; Professor Emeritus 2002—. Notable positions held: Economics Consultant to Bank of Canada, 1965-80; Editor, Canadian Journal of Economics, 1979-82; Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research, 1984–; Vice-Pres, Pres, Past-Pres, Canadian Economics Association, 1983-86; Mackenzie King Professor of Canadian Studies, Harvard University, 1991-94; Fulbright Fellow, 1995-96; Currently: Fellow, Royal Society of Canada; Fellow, CD Howe Institute. Dr Helliwell has published widely, including in the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Perspectives, and Journal of Economic Literature.

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