It’s Your Life – Why The Public Interest Matters

February 24, 2005 :: Bill Moore-Kilgannon
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For years, the concept of the public interest has been undermined by well-funded research and corporate lobby groups.

Here in Alberta, neo-conservative ideologies have greatly affected government policies in everything from the safety of our food, to health care, to post-secondary and primary education, to municipal services.

In this talk, Bill Moore-Kilgannon will examine how provincial public policy impacts our everyday lives and how citizens can work together to advocate for a better Alberta.

BILL MOORE-KILGANNON, Executive Director, Public Interest Alberta, Edmonton

Mr Moore-Kilgannon heads a new provincial organization called Public Interest Alberta. This new organization works to create an effective network of organizations and individuals to advocate for a better Alberta for all. He has just returned from three years in Ottawa as Director, Campaigns and Communications, The Council of Canadians. Prior to his time in Ottawa, he was the Executive Director, Parkland Institute, University of Alberta. He is also a documentary video maker and has recently completed a documentary about street children in Nicaragua.

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