Raising Roofs: Building Hope

May 26, 2005 :: Dr. G. Bowie, Bob Campbell, Brian Kinahan, Stan Mills
Moderated by

“Raising Roofs: Building Hope" will be presented to the Southern Alberta Council on Public Affairs by a panel who will present the initiatives and the outcomes of the National Homelessness and Housing Initiative in Lethbridge.

A complete abstract follows this announcement.

This presentation has recently been well received at the National Housing Conference in Toronto and was selected over many other abstracts submitted.

Raising Roofs: Building Hope has been the theme of a community building model that is resulting in hope and a desired future aimed at the successful implementation of the continuum of housing.

New strategies are currently being developed which will further the goal to end homelessness in Lethbridge. These initiatives are exciting and ground-breaking.

This presentation will be delivered by a four-person panel:
Dr. G. Bowie, Chair, Social Housing in Action
Bob Campbell, Structure & Research
Brian Kinahan, Affordable Housing
Stan Mills, Chair, Finance

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