"This Old House, She Is A¹Changing: Seniors Housing in Alberta"

January 4, 2007 :: Dennis King
Moderated by Diane Poynter

Seniors Housing facilities in Alberta have undergone landmark changes over the past decade. The needs of seniors have expanded and become more complex, often leaving loved ones confused and overwhelmed as they seek to find accommodation appropriate to these incremental needs. Health and housing standards and levels of supportive living are being developed with the intention of simplifying this process for Albertans. Dennis, who has worked on provincial committees assisting in developing these standards, will present:
… an historical overview of seniors housing in Alberta
… the changing realities and perceptions
… the challenges and benefits of implementing the new standards
… costs of Seniors Housing, and
… a belief that, together, we can make the Seniors Housing system in Alberta better for today and tomorrow.

SPEAKER: Dennis King, Past President Alberta Senior Citizens¹ Housing Association

After retirement in 2000 as a Principal with the Palliser School Division, Dennis became actively involved in issues affecting Seniors:
… Green Acres Foundation 1999 ­ 2006 (Board member and Chair)
… Seniors Advisory Council of Alberta 2000 - 2005
… Lethbridge Seniors Community Forum 2004 to present
… Alberta Seniors Citizens¹ Housing Association 2003 ­ 2006 (Board member and President)
… Providence Home Homeowners¹ Association, Coaldale 2003 ­ 2006 (Board member and President)
… ASCHA Health and Housing Standing Committee, 2005 to present (Chair)

MODERATOR: Diane Poynter

DATE: January 4, 2007

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