Thinking like an Owner: Who owns the oil sands? Who gets the money?

May 3, 2007 :: Amy Taylor
Moderated by Terry Shillington

Alberta and Norway are considered wealthy because of the abundance of fossil fuels on and under their territories. Who gets the money though? How is the resource wealth managed?
How are the governments’ fiscal responsibilities to present and future citizens exercised?

Amy Taylor will untangle the web of royalties, revenue and taxes for us and compare the benefits which Alberta and Norway get from their resources. How is it that Norway’s Petroleum fund is 20 times larger than Alberta’s Heritage fund? Where did our money go?

Speaker: Amy Taylor - Director, Ecological Fiscal Reform, Pembina Institute

Amy Taylor is the Pembina Institute''s Director of Ecological Fiscal Reform. Since joining the Pembina Institute in May 2000, Amy has worked on ecological fiscal reform projects dealing with subjects such as tax and subsidy reform, economic rent from natural resources and environmental taxes. Amy has completed international surveys of ecological fiscal reform policies and programs. She has authored and co-authored numerous reports, such as Government Spending on Canada''s Oil and Gas Industry: Undermining Canada''s Kyoto Commitment and When the Government is the Landlord: Economic Rent, Non-renewable Permanent Funds and Environmental Impacts Related to Oil and Gas Developments in Canada. Amy holds an honours undergraduate degree in environmental science and economics and a Masters in Resource Environmental Management.

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