The Impact of Currency Fluctuation on the Canadian Economy

November 29, 2007 :: Chris Spearman
Moderated by Diane Poynter

The continuing weakness of the U.S. dollar and dramatic rise of the Canadian dollar has, in the past year, created difficulties for many exporters, but good times for many importers of U.S. products, cross-border shoppers and travelers to America. The long term effects could be profound if our dollar stays at par or better. Consequences for the Canadian economy could be severe and irreversible. So far, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Should our Federal Government play a role in influencing the value of Canadian currency?

Tax adjustment is a powerful tool that Governments have at their disposal in dealing with economic problems brought on by outside influence.

How do we support our retailers at a time when they are loosing business to cheaper prices south of the border?

What role can we, the consumer, play in minimizing the impact of currency fluctuation?

Speaker: Chris Spearman

Chris Spearman is a founding member (1983) and current Chairman of the Industrial Association of Southern Alberta ( He has served on the Southern Alberta Alternative Energy Advisory Committee, on the Board and Executive of Economic Development Lethbridge, the More People in Trades committee and on the Board of the Rehabilitation Society of Southwestern Alberta.
Chris has served as a school trustee with the Holy Spirit Catholic School Board for 15 years. He has also been active in pursuing fair prices for utilities and fuel for consumers in Southern Alberta. He has lived in Lethbridge since 1981 and is manager of accounting and administration at the Black Velvet Distilling Company.

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