Recycling CO2 Emissions into Plant Nutrients

January 23, 2008 :: Gary Lewis and Dave Balfour
Moderated by Trevor Page

Could a local farmer have discovered a way of helping combat global warming and reducing world hunger?

In 2000, Cowley rancher Gary Lewis wondered what was wrong with his hay fields. Years of reading up everything he could on soil chemistry and plant nutrition and experimenting on his farm, led to the development of an exhaust recycling system which turns carbon emissions into plant nutrients. 2007 saw the first scientific studies carried out on this technology, partly funded by the National Research Council.

Gary has also organized The CO2XchangeTM to compete with existing carbon credit/offset mechanisms, which he considers inadequate. He believes that real change in agricultural practices is needed in order to sustain the quality of life on our planet. Further information can be found at and

Speakers: Gary Lewis and Dave Balfour

Gary Lewis has been a rancher for 25 years in the exact same area his great-grandfather homesteaded 100 years ago. The Lewis family has been involved in various facets of agriculture ever since. Gary is also a licensed auto technician with specialized training in exhaust systems.

Dave Balfour is a retired dentist from Pincher Creek. After receiving a BASc, Chemistry, and the Natural Science Prize for 1972 from the University of Lethbridge, he obtained his DDS from the University of Alberta in 1976. Dr. Balfour is now a business consultant and lives west of Pincher Creek.

Moderator: Trevor Page
Mr. Page is a retired Director of the United Nations World Food Program

Venue: Lethbridge Lodge Ballroom

Time: 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Cost: Free admission, donations gratefully received

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