The Global Challenges of the 21st Century: Our Role as Citizens

January 10, 2008 :: Dr. Saren Azer
Moderated by Bob Campbell

The Global Challenges of the 21st Century:
Our Role as Citizens

By scientific accounts humanity faces complicated and rather dangerous challenges, from population growth to the depletion of natural resources to environmental degradation. Yet the powers in charge have shown very little to no interest in these critical challenges to face us. Given the state of the world, active intervention of the citizens of the globe remains the only viable option in avoiding these challenges. Saren Azer will speak to these global challenges and ways and means that North American citizens can contribute to the collective well being of humanity and a brighter future for us all.

PRESENTER: Dr. Saren Azer

Dr. Saren Azer, MD, MSc, PhD is an expert in respiratory medicine and works at the University of Calgary. He is of Kurdish origin and came to Canada in l994 as a political refugee. Saren Azer is also an environmental and human rights activist and during the last 13 years he has been involved with a number of Human Rights organizations. He is a founding member and currently the chairperson of the International Society for Peace and Human Rights. In the spring of 2007 he was the Team Leader for the Humanitarian Medical Relief Mission to Iraq.

DATE: January 10, 2008
TIME: Noon
LOCATION: Ericksen’s Restaurant (Lower level)

COST: $10.00 (includes lunch)
MODERATOR: Robert Campbell

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