The Obama Phenomenon

March 20, 2008 :: Peter McCormick
Moderated by Ruth Elzinga

In February, Albertans sleep-walked their way through a campaign that is
finally the answer to the question "What if they held an election and nobody

Meanwhile, Americans are mobilizing their electorate and fascinating the
world with one of the most exciting races for a Presidential nomination in
living memory.

So ­ what is happening? Where does an Obama come from, and how do such
people manage to push the political "reset" button?

What chance is there for a similar phenomenon to erupt in Canadian politics?

What would it really mean for someone like Obama to win not only the
Democratic nomination but also the Presidential election campaign that
technically has not even started yet? Are Americans getting real change, or
just the appearance of change?

As we watch what could be one of the great US elections of recent history,
we should reflect on what it is telling us about the realities of democratic
politics in a mass society in the twenty-first century.

Speaker: Dr. Peter McCormick is a professor and the Chair of the
Political Science Department at the University of Lethbridge where he
teaches Canadian Government Politics and Constitutional Law. Dr. McCormick
holds degrees from the University of Alberta (BA 68), the University of
Toronto (MA 69), and the London School of Economics (PhD 74).

COST: $10.00 (includes lunch)

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