Is TILMA the Model for Internal Trade in Canada? Part 1: The argument against

October 16, 2008 :: Ken Collier
Moderated by James Moore

TILMA is the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement between Alberta and British Columbia. The agreement was signed in 2006 without public consultation or debate in any legislature. It provides for a virtual economic union between the two provinces. Both governments agreed to consult with stakeholders during a two-year transition period ending on April 1, 2009, after which the agreement comes into full effect.

The speaker will compare TILMA to a “mini-NAFTA”, the North American Free Trade Agreement. He believes that potentially, it could interfere with the ability of various levels of government to make laws to protect the environment, local business, hiring practices, local education and health programs by imposing huge financial penalties. 

Speaker: Ken Collier

Ken Collier retired in 2005 from a career in social work and university administration. Since then he became the Chair of the Steering Committee for the Red Deer and Area, Council of Canadians, the Board Chair of Friends of Medicare (Alberta) and continues to write for progressive activist and research publications.

He completed his PhD in Economics and Applied Social Studies from the University of Wales. His latest books are “Social Work with Rural Peoples” and “After the Welfare State”, both published by New Star Books in Vancouver.

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