Energy, Environment and the Economy - Discovering Alberta''s Future

November 6, 2008 :: David Layzell
Moderated by Duane Pendergast

Shrinking reserves of oil and gas, shifts in the geopolitical landscape, and mounting environmental concerns all test our ability to meet the growing demand for energy. At the same time, there are huge opportunities to develop new, cleaner and more efficient ways to tap large conventional and alternative energy sources in Canada.
Dr. Layzell will begin his presentation by talking about the nature of the energy and environmental challenges in Canada today, and summarize the scope of the initiatives that he is working to develop. His presentation will end with a Canadian perspective on “The Future of Biofuels”, a critique of recent biofuel policies and an analysis of the optimal role for biofuels if they are to address the challenges of climate change and energy security.

Speaker: Dr. David Layzell, Ph.D., FRSC

David Layzell joined the University of Calgary in July 2008 as the Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy. He has also served as Founding President and CEO of BIOCAP Canada, a national university research foundation that worked with researchers in 38 universities across Canada to develop biology-based solutions to climate change and energy security. From 1981 to 2008 he was a professor of Plant Science at Queen’s University, a role that was recognized by a University Research Fellowship, an NSERC Steacie Fellowship and election as a Fellow in the Royal Society of Canada.

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