The Politics of Disability

December 18, 2008 :: Claudia Malacrida
Moderated by Tad Mitsui

How do we see people with disability?

Are they fellow humans? Do we treat them with respect?

Or are they a burden? Are some even exploited to serve the good of the wider community?

Dr. Malacrida will look at what happened at the Michener Institute at Red Deer and how disabled people have been used for political expediency.

Speaker: Claudia Malacrida

Claudia Malacrida is a University Scholar and Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Lethbridge, specializing in disability studies, sociology of the body, and gender. She is the author of several articles on disability, including articles relating to the historical and contemporary problems of eugenics, institutionalization and social control that are embedded in the Michener Center story.

Dr. Malacrida is the author of three books: Cold Comfort: Mothers, Professionals and Attention Deficit Disorder (2003), University of Toronto Press, Mourning the Dreams: How Parents Create Meaning from Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Early Infant Death (1998/2007), Left Coast Press, and Sociology of the Body: A Reader (2008), Oxford University Press.

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