Saving the Grizzly Bear from Extinction

February 25, 2009 :: Carl Morrison
Moderated by Knud Petersen

Human encroachment into our remaining wild spaces is wiping the Grizzly Bear from our landscape. Alberta is on the front line. There are only an estimated 490 Grizzlies left in the province, down from an estimated 6,000 two centuries ago.

Conservationists complain that the Alberta government has no clear commitment to help the recovery of our Grizzly Bear population. It has not listed the species as threatened nor allocated a dedicated budget for its recovery.

Last November, local, national and international conservation organizations launched "Action Grizzly Bear", an Alberta-based campaign focused on achieving Alberta and Canadian government action on the recovery of the bear population. What can we do? The speaker will explain a broad range of recovery essentials.

Speaker: Carl Morrison, Sierra Club Canada

Carl Morrison serves as "Action Grizzly Bear" campaign coordinator for Sierra Club Canada. His interdisciplinary background includes a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and several years of field experience on various wildlife research studies in Alberta, including two seasons working on the Trans-Canada Highway Bear DNA Project in Banff National Park.

Carl has spent countless days working and playing in "grizzly bear country" and cautions that Alberta is at risk of losing far more than just a species. He is now putting his marketing skills to work, advocating the recovery of Alberta''s most iconic species. However, Carl Morrison believes that recovery of the Grizzly Bear can only be achieved if it is demanded by the public.

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