Will Passage of Bill-50 Keep Albertans from Being Consulted Before Spending Billions of $ to Build Corporate Owned Power Lines?

October 19, 2009 :: Joe Anglin
Moderated by Knud Petersen

(Session is from 7-9pm.)

On June 1, 2009, the Alberta Government introduced legislation to give the government more control over the construction of power lines they consider may be needed for future growth under rules that will have tax payers cover the full cost of these projects.

Bill-50, if passed, gives cabinet control over power lines to be built or upgraded in Alberta. The Alberta Utilities Commission will decide the location of such power lines and, in due course, conduct meetings with the affected landowners.

In late October, Bill-50 may pass third reading and become law, which the speaker will argue, compliments two earlier Alberta laws, Bills 46 and 19, both also designed to curb public consultation regarding power lines. He believes Bill-50 could transfer $15-20 Billion of wealth from Albertans to corporate owners, providing funds for export capacity power lines.

Speaker: Joe Anglin

Joe Anglin is the President and CEO of Anglin Stewart Investment Group Inc. (ASIG), a firm that specializes in managing energy and currency traded funds. He has provided analysis of energy related matters to CBC radio and CNBC television.

Joe is also an independent author and writer advocating for social justice. He writes a bi-weekly column for two central Alberta newspapers, the Red Deer Advocate and Stettler Independent.

Joe guided a landowner’s group, (Lavesta Area Group) who successfully challenged the tactics used by Altalink and the Energy Utilities Board with respect to an application for regulatory approval of a 500 KV transmission line from Edmonton to Calgary, although he was not directly affected by the proposed transmission line. Joe lives in Rimbey.

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