Remote Sensing and Satellite imagery: Can we improve environmental decisions?

November 12, 2009 :: Eric Kokko
Moderated by Georgie Harper

12- 1:30pm

Remote sensing technology allows us to “see” sediment loads and pollution in water, map oil wells and pipelines over broad areas and image crop stress in extensive agricultural operations. How can having this information - that we now have so easily at hand because of advanced technology - allow us to make more informed assessments and evaluations with respect to the environment?

Mr. Kokko will share practical examples of satellite and remotely sensed imagery, and what it can tell us about agriculture, forestry, water and other resource uses, as we grapple with economic and environmental decisions.

Speaker: Eric Kokko

Eric is the President and CEO of the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre (ATIC) since 2005. His business management and leadership skills, as well as his experience as a technologist, research scientist and digital imaging analyst, place him at the forefront of the imaging field. The Centre works closely with various partners in the community, including the University of Lethbridge.

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