Lethbridge Transit – On the Road to Sustainability

December 10, 2009 :: John King
Moderated by Kim Siever


Across Canada, including Lethbridge, there is definite convergence of both short and long term visions for more sustainable communities. For instance, in 2006, the City of Lethbridge invested in its public transit system by purchasing 16 new buses, developing levels of service standards through community consultation, and redesigning transit services. At the same time, sustainability became the focus of City Council’s 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, “Towards a Sustainable Future” and Lethbridge Transit’s 2008-2011 Business Plan, “On the Road to Sustainability”. As well, the City’s recent “Plan Your City” consultation process to update the City’s Municipal Development Plan suggests that the citizens of Lethbridge are looking for change in how the city grows and develops.

John King will build on these examples and discuss the Canada-wide long term vision for public transit - Transit Vision 2040 - and how it is applicable to smaller centres like Lethbridge. John will consider what all of this means for the community of Lethbridge and public transportation looking forward on the Road to Sustainability?

Speaker: John King, Transit Manager, City of Lethbridge

John King has been Transit Manager with the City of Lethbridge since 2005, and has over 30 years of planning, development, and management experience with transit systems in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, and consulting experience across Canada. He is an active and involved member of CUTA - on the Board of Directors, as a Master Trainer, and on numerous committees. John holds a bachelor and a master’s degree in applied science.

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