Open access to the Grid, or Grid lock? A look at the AESO

January 14, 2010 :: Leanne Dawkins
Moderated by Dustin Fuller


Under The Electric Statutes Amendment Act (formerly Bill 50) passed into law in December 2009, the Government of Alberta is responsible for approving the need for critical transmission infrastructure.

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is responsible for identifying the need for transmission system development, within a market system intended to provide competitive electricity supply to customers throughout the province. Governed by an independent board that provides advice and direction for market participants, the AESO is a not-for-profit entity.

The speaker will briefly explain the mandate of the AESO and how it works. She will also focus on the role of the transmission system and long term development plans, including the perceived need for proposed billion dollar upgrades over the next several years.

Speaker: Leanne Dawkins

Leanne works in the AESO Corporate Communications group as a community relations advisor. She looks after public outreach, community support, the regional advisor program and government relations.

She began with the Power Pool in 2001 and then joined the AESO when it was officially formed on June 2, 2003. Taking a brief break from the organization in 2006 to explore the oil and gas industry, Leanne returned to the AESO in 2008.

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