Got Thirst? Will Alberta’s new water policy leave you high and dry?

January 18, 2010 :: Sheila Muxlow
Moderated by Rena Woss

7-9pm in Lethbridge Public Library Community Room

Alberta is on the brink of a serious water crisis and the provincial government is developing new policies to manage this precious resource, which will become scarcer in the future. Most residents of Alberta will be directly impacted by new water legislation as it is a resource that provides us with everything from lush ecosystems, fertile farmland and flourishing communities.

The speaker will discuss Alberta’s water, including a critical look at the First in Time, First in Right (FITFIR) water allocation and the government proposals to use market based mechanisms as solutions to Alberta’s water worries. She will also be presenting information on the Sierra Club’s water campaign and is looking to hear from participants on how to move forward with effective activism to protect and prioritize access for Alberta’s water.

Speaker: Sheila Muxlow

Sheila Muxlow is the Water Campaigner and Community outreach liaison for the Sierra Club Prairie, an Alberta based non-profit, with the mission to develop a diverse, well-trained grassroots network working to protect the integrity of our prairie ecosystems.

Sheila has been working in the prairies since January 2007 when she moved to Edmonton to work as the prairie regional organizer for the Council of Canadians, a public advocacy organization on issues of water, energy, trade, healthcare and peace.

Before arriving in Alberta, Sheila lived in Ottawa where she worked as a legal assistant for the Center for Equality Rights. Additionally, Sheila was actively involved in numerous student organizations including the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG) and the Little Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization for inter-cultural activities and fundraising for street children in Ethiopia.

Sheila holds a B.A. in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa and is presently considering studying law at Osgoode University in Toronto.

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