Are Albertans Ready for the Wildrose Alliance Party and Vice Versa?

February 18, 2010 :: Danielle Smith
Moderated by Ed Bardock

12- 1:30pm

The latest polls show that the Alberta Conservative Party, which for the last 39 years has formed our provincial government, is trailing the upstart Wildrose Alliance Party. While the governing Tories presently have a massive majority in the Legislature, lack of support from core groups may open the door for big changes in the next election.

In Sep 2009, former Wildrose Alliance leader Paul Hinman led the party to a stunning by-election victory in the long held Conservative riding of Calgary-Glenmore. Apparent discontent within the Tory caucus, became reality with the recent “floor crossing” by 2 Tory MLA’s, to join the Wildrose Alliance and new leader Danielle Smith, further suggesting that Alberta’s political landscape could be different in the future.

The speaker will explain the Wildrose Alliance Party policies and argue that they are mostly grass roots in nature, therefore responsive to the needs and wishes of the voting public.

Speaker: Danielle Smith

October 17, 2009 Danielle Smith was elected as the Leader of the Wildrose Alliance Party. A fiscal conservative, she believes in the power of a free enterprise economy and efficient, cost effective delivery of essential social services by government.

Until recently, Danielle was the Director of Provincial Affairs for Alberta with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Prior to joining CFIB, Danielle worked as an editorial writer and columnist at the Calgary Herald for six years and has been the host of Global Sunday, a national current affairs television talk show.

Danielle received her B.A. in English and Economics from the University of Calgary. Later she worked on policy research during a year-long internship at the Fraser Institute. Danielle has also served as a trustee for the Calgary Board of Education and worked in advocacy as director of the Alberta Property Rights Initiative.

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