Choking our Lakes and Waterways

April 28, 2011 :: Jim Byrne
Moderated by Trevor Page

NEW: The link to the video Jim Byrne screened is here:

Run-off and waste streams from farms, factories and cities is choking our lakes and waterways. Chemical fertilizers, intensive livestock operations, industrial waste and lawn and household products are just some of the causes. Massive blue-green algae blooms have appeared in Lake Winnipeg and other water bodies across the Canadian prairies. Eutrophication is fast becoming a problem; not just in Canada but in the most heavily-populated parts of the industrialized and developing world.

We are polluting our sources of drinking water and the habitat of fish and other aquatic species.

The speaker’s new film, Choking Lake Winnipeg, will be screened during this session to illustrate the problems of aquatic pollution and describe some of the actions needed at various levels to reverse the process, including action that can be taken at the household level. Dr. Byrne will take questions from the audience after the screening of the film

Speaker: James Byrne

James Byrne is Professor and Chair of Geography at the University of Lethbridge. His expertise is in global environmental change. He was the lead scientist, originator and co-producer of the 2002 award-winning television series Global Change and the 2004 TV series Water under Fire. His latest film is Choking Lake Winnipeg.

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