The Coulee Corridor: In Moving Lethbridge Forward, Will the Road to 2017, Canada’s 150th Birthday, Include a Pedestrian Bridge?

October 18, 2012 :: Ron Bain
Moderated by Gene Oleksin

Results of three documents issued by the City of Lethbridge indicate that the river valley, albeit a beautiful force of nature, greatly reduces the ability for people to cross it other than by vehicle. The solution, already mentioned in two of the documents is to build a crossing that would span the coulees and eliminate the steep grades required to transit the valley.

The Coulee Corridor Committee has already made a presentation to City Council to further explore this possibility. They have also discussed the project with several bridge designers, project managers, and the Deputy Secretary of Transportation for the US, who has a strong focus on Livable Communities and the role of Pedestrian Bridges. Possible site locations have been identified along with concepts to incorporate transit into a plan that outlines the many benefits Lethbridge citizens could enjoy.

This exciting venture to build such an iconic structure that ultimately would be the highest and longest pedestrian bridge in Canada ought to stir a lot of discussion. The question is not can it be done……but rather, will it be done? Will the citizens of Lethbridge absorb the vision and embrace the concept?

Speaker: Ron Bain

Ron Bain is the former owner of Runner’s Soul and has been a longtime proponent of healthy living and lifestyles. Over the years he has been an advocate for a pedestrian bridge that would eliminate the need to navigate the steep grades and one that would be accessible to all citizens regardless of age or physical ability.

Ron is a past president of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce. A passionate organizer and supporter of numerous running events in Lethbridge, among them the annual Moonlight Run, Ron earned Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame inductee status in 2007.

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