Why We Need an Alberta Constitution

February 14, 2013 :: Tom Sindlinger
Moderated by Knud Petersen

Voter turnout has dropped in almost every advanced industrial country but Alberta’s voter turnout has dropped even more precipitously. According to the speaker, the reduced voter turnout is a symptom of a larger problem: people have become disengaged from government, and they have to be reconnected.

What is to be done about such disconnection? The speaker will argue that a provincial constitution would give people control over their government and reconnect citizens with government. It would provide Albertans with a document to inspire our future and reflect our past. Mr. Sindlinger is trying to build a coalition of individuals throughout Alberta to build a citizen’s constitution for the province.

Speaker: Tom Sindlinger

Tom Sindlinger is a Canadian Economist with a focus on the marketing of natural resources and transportation, and governance. He is a former elected member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly and has successfully completed 18 international projects in 12 countries for both private and public entities (such as the Canadian International Development Agency; The National Democratic Institute in Washington; and, The Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta).

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