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By Jorge Berger, Jacob Rubinstein

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"The motto of connectivity and superconductivity is that the suggestions of the Ginzburg-Landau equations are qualitatively encouraged by way of the topology of the limits, as in multiply-connected samples. detailed attentions is paid to the "zero set", the set of positions (usually referred to as "quantum vortices") the place the order parameter vanishes. the consequences thought of right here frequently turn into vital within the regime the place the coherence size is of the order of the scale of the pattern. It takes the instinct of physicists and the attention of mathematicians to discover those new results. In Connectivity and Superconductivity, theoretical and experimental physicists are introduced including natural and utilized mathematicians to check those brilliant results.This quantity is meant to function a reference ebook for graduate scholars and researchers in physics or arithmetic attracted to superconductivity, or within the Schrodinger equation as a restricting case of the Ginzburg-Landau equations."--BOOK JACKET. learn more... within the reminiscence of Shlomo Alexander / Pierre-Gilles de Gennes -- Topological concerns in superconductivity / Jacob Rubinstein -- The de Gennes-Alexander concept of superconducting micronetworks / José I. Castro, Arturo López -- Nodal units, multiplicity and superconductivity in non-simply attached domain names / Bernard Helffer ... [et al.] -- Connectivity and flux confinement phenomena in nanostructured superconductors / Victor V. Moshchalkov, important Bruyndoncx, Lieve Van glance -- 0 set of the order parameter, particularly in jewelry / Jorge Berger -- continual currents in Ginzburg-Landau types / Luís Almeida, Fabrice Bethuel -- at the normal/superconducting part transition within the presence of huge magnetic fields / Peter Sternberg -- at the numerical answer of the time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations in multiply attached domain names / Gustavo C. Buscaglia, Carlos Bolech, Arturo López -- Formation of vortex-antivortex pairs / Sanatan Digal ... [et al.] -- The order parameter as a macroscopic quantum wavefunction / Antony J. Leggett -- The Ehrenberg-Siday-Aharonov-Bohm impact / Charles G. Kuper -- Connectivity and superconductivity in inhomogeneous buildings / man Deutscher

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Rubinstein: “Six lectures on superconductivity”, in Boundaries, Interfaces and Transitions, M. Delfour Ed. (American Mathematical Society 1998), 163184 27. J. Rubinstein, M. Schatzman: J. Math. Pure Appl. 77, 801 (1998) 28. J. Rubinstein, M. Schatzman: “Variational problems on multiply connceted thin strips III: Integration of the Ginzburg Landau equations over graphs”, preprint 29. J. Rubinstein, M. Schatzman: “Variational problems on multiply connceted thin strips IV: Zero set for the linearized Ginzburg Landau equations”, in preparation 30.

1), such that a becomes negative as T decreases past a critical value Tc . An impurity can be modeled by a quadratic term with a coefficient that remains positive even at low T . g. [3], [20]). It has been recently reconsidered in [17] who incorporated the screening effect of the impurity into the topological constraint on the phase in a closed loop. To describe the model in some detail, consider a ring parameterized by 0 ≤ s ≤ 2π. The ring consists of two sets: The normal part {0 < s < d} and the superconducting part {d < s < 2π}.

3 for a survey of recent progress by this group). They proposed to consider the GL equations over the double covering of the ring. In this space one can find a convenient gauge, and the equations simplify considerably. I shall apply the method of Helffer et al. to the problem of zeros in graphs. I assume that the flux through each Fl is an odd multiple of π. Furthermore, to simplify the exposition, I shall limit myself to linear problems. Physically, this amounts to considering the phase transition from the normal state, where ψ ≡ 0, to a superconducting state.

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