Robust control design using H-p8s methods by Ian R. Petersen, Valery A. Ugrinovskii, Andrey V. Savkin PDF

By Ian R. Petersen, Valery A. Ugrinovskii, Andrey V. Savkin

ISBN-10: 1852331712

ISBN-13: 9781852331719

This booklet offers a unified choice of very important, fresh effects for the layout of strong controllers for doubtful platforms. lots of the effects provided are according to H¿ regulate thought, or its stochastic counterpart, danger delicate regulate thought. primary to the philosophy of the booklet is the concept of an doubtful process. doubtful platforms are thought of utilizing a number of varied uncertainty modeling schemes. those comprise norm bounded uncertainty, imperative quadratic constraint (IQC) uncertainty and a few stochastic uncertainty descriptions. particularly, the authors learn stochastic doubtful structures during which the uncertainty is printed via a stochastic model of the IQC uncertainty description. for every category of doubtful structures lined within the publication, corresponding strong keep an eye on difficulties are outlined and options mentioned.

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This booklet presents a unified number of very important, contemporary effects for the layout of sturdy controllers for doubtful structures. lots of the effects provided are in response to H¿ regulate idea, or its stochastic counterpart, probability delicate keep an eye on concept. important to the philosophy of the publication is the thought of an doubtful process.

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