Foreign Aid Issues

October 20, 2005 :: Ruth Shapiro
Moderated by Louella Cronkhite

SACPA Thursday, October 20, 2005
Development... Disasters...What Should Canada''s Role Be?

Earthquakes in Pakistan, mud slides in Guatemala, drought in southern
Africa: how can Canada respond to major disasters and on-going
development needs with limited funds and extravagant needs?

Since 1968, most of Canada''s Official Development Assistance has been
managed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

What is the role of government, and specifically CIDA, in responding to
natural disasters and international crises? Why is the Canadian
government involved? How is it involved?

And what are the priorities and implications of the International Policy
Statement, released in April 2005, on CIDA''s program?

What can we, as Canadians, do?

Speaker: Ruth Shapiro.

The Director of the CIDA Prairies Regional Office, Ruth Shapiro has been
with CIDA since 1983, previously serving as Director of the Public
Participation Program, the Anglophone NGO Program and as Counsellor
Development in Tanzania. The Prairies regional office, responsible for
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, is one of three regional offices in
Canada. The others are in Vancouver and the Atlantic. The goal of these
offices is to represent CIDA outside the central core of Canada, to
ensure that Canadians are aware of international development issues,
know what opportunities there may be to participate in international
development activities and can learn how to get involved.

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