Education Property Taxes: Should they be maintained or eliminated?

February 16, 2006 :: Chris Spearman
Moderated by Trevor Page

The City of Lethbridge believes that Education Property Taxes should be
eliminated. City Council adopted this position at a public meeting on
October 31, 2005 although there had been no prior public consultation.

Mayor Tarleck outlined his views on the subject in his column in the
Lethbridge Herald of November 18, 2005.

City Council has passed a resolution urging the Alberta Urban
Municipalities Association to pressure the Alberta government to
eliminate the tax.

But not everyone believes the education property tax should be
eliminated. School boards believe that education needs a stable source
of funding. They also believe that local taxation supports local
accountability for the quality of our education systems.

Chris Spearman believes that education property taxes should be
maintained. He also believes that the whole issue needs greater public
consultation and discussion.

Speaker: Chris Spearman

Chris Spearman and his family have lived in
Lethbridge for 25 years. He served for 13 years on the Catholic school
board, first with Lethbridge Catholic, and since 1995 with the Holy
Spirit School Division, including two terms as chairman.

He has been involved with the Industrial Association of Southern Alberta
since 1983 and has been the chairman for the last 6 years. Together with
Lethbridge businessman, John Davis, Chris spoke out about the pitfalls
of electrical deregulation prior to its implementation in 2001.

Chris Spearman has also served as the spokesman for the Action Against
High Gas Prices group when local gasoline prices in Lethbridge
consistently exceeded prices in other communities.

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