"Royalties Debate Proved Acid Test"

January 24, 2008 :: Ricardo Acuna
Moderated by Doug Miller

Oil prices are at record levels. But who will benefit in Alberta: the oil companies or Albertans? The above headline from the Calgary Herald article “2007, THE YEAR IN POLITICS” calls the Alberta Royalty Review “the most important economic decision in Canada this year”. Ricardo Acuna, Executive Director of the Parkland Institute believes that increased oil prices are not the result of anything the industry has done to add value, but rather a reflection of the increased value of the resource itself. He feels that the lion’s share of those increased prices should go to the owner of the resource, not the company we are paying to extract it for us. Come hear Ricardo Acuna expound on the issues surrounding the Royalty Review.

Speaker: Ricardo Acuna

Ricardo Acuna is Executive Director of the Parkland Institute, a policy think-tank situated in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta – a position he has held since May 2002. He has a degree in Political Science and History from the University of Alberta.

DATE: Thursday, January 24, 2008
TIME: Noon – 1:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Ericksen’s Restaurant (lower level of The Keg)
1715 Mayor Magrath Drive S., Lethbridge
COST: $10.00 (includes lunch)

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