Has Medicine Hat's Energy Sustainability Policy Left Lethbridge Behind?

September 16, 2010 :: Russ Smith
Moderated by Tom Cain

Medicine Hat’s Energy Sustainability Department is focused on providing its citizens with energy conservation and renewable energy education, incentives and leadership through a variety of “Hat Smart” initiatives. The mission of the department is to help Medicine Hat reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and position itself to thrive in the post carbon economy.

The speaker strongly believes municipal energy strategies should include energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy, as they will play a critical role in the sustainability of all communities in the 21st century. Leadership from provincial and federal governments is also needed and will ultimately be paramount to the success of such strategies.

While Lethbridge and Medicine Hat have been friendly rivals for well over a century, they often try to outdo each other. Could it be that Lethbridge is being left in the dust regarding sustainable energy policies? The speaker will explain the issues and offer his perspective.

Speaker: Russ Smith

Russ Smith is the City of Medicine Hat's Energy Sustainability Manager. He has worked for the City of Medicine Hat the past fifteen years in a variety of roles including extensive financial and strategic planning within the City’s Energy division. Russ earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary in 1991.

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