On Thin Ice: A Critical Review of How Canadians Respond to Violence in 'Their' Game

September 20, 2010 :: Dr. Kevin Young
Moderated by Knud Petersen

Despite over a century of public and occasionally legal attention, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that Canadian attitudes to hockey violence have been passive, contradictory and even exploitative.

Acknowledging that the game has been, and is, enmeshed in multiple genuine attempts to make it safer for children and adults, it is argued that Canadians continue to quibble over what “hockey violence” is, that the causes and effects of hockey violence extend well beyond the sport and that few sports are as simultaneously policed and un-policed as ice hockey. That said, the speaker will also address issues concerning violence in some other sports and discuss remedies that could discourage such behavior.

Speaker: Kevin Young Ph.D.

Kevin Young completed his Ph.D. at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and is currently a Full Professor of Sociology at the University of Calgary. He is an internationally recognized expert in the Sociology of Sport and on matters particularly related to violence in sport. He has published numerous books and papers, including books on risk and injury in sport, the Olympic Games and aspects of violence on and off the field of play. His teaching focuses mostly on Criminology and Sociology of Sport. Recently, Kevin's research on sport as a vehicle for social development and peace has taken him to several African and Asian countries.

Kevin grew up in the north of England, where he became a passionate soccer fan. He played varsity rugby on both sides of the Atlantic and continues to dabble, often injured,
in a number of recreational sports.

Moderator: Knud Petersen

Date: Monday, September 20, 2010
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: Lethbridge Public Library, Theatre Gallery, 810 – 5 Ave S
Cost: Free, donations gratefully accepted

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